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How we started our embroidery shop

Posted on June 25 2018

How we started our embroidery shop

North Dakota is a beautiful state. So it's a Dickinson. That's where we are from. More than 3 years ago, Kaley decided to start her small business. Her idea was amazing. Why? She started to sell FR clothes, and North Dakota is well-known "oilfield state". She wanted oilfield companies to buy clothes from her, she bought her first embroidery machine, so the companies can get clothes for their employees with their logo/name, etc. She has been doing really good for the past 3 years, though in addition to all obligations to a family and two children. The most important thing is that she wants to grow, to improve her business and herself, and luckily her employees as well because we are all like one big family. We have so many ideas but unfortunately not enough time to develop everything that we want.  This online shop was one of the first ideas that we had, so we decided to launch this website and to start making some cute things. This is not a money-maker thing, this is more something nice that we all wanted to do since trough this shop we are improving our knowledge about digital marketing and social media marketing, and besides that, we can also do some fun things not just work.

We want to be friends with our customers, we don't want just to sell things;

we want feedback from them, so we can make it works better;

we want to make our customers happy;

we want to make them come back to us again because we are selling good products;

we want to make something special!!!


And I'm sorry if I made some grammar mistake since English is not my native language, but I'm working hard not to! 

And for the end, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Nevena and I work with Kaley for a few months. So far so good! I think we are making an amazing thing and I believe in us!

Thank you all for reading and see you soon!




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