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$20.00 USD
Please upload a clear picture of your logo.
Please add any information that you want us to consider when digitizing your logo! Logos will be digitized using the colors provided in upload unless otherwise specified.

Make your logo into a sewing file!  This is a one time fee and the logo can be sewn on hats, jackets, hoodies, beanies, ETC!  Once we have your file, we will send you a code to enter at checkout!  This code will tell our embroidery staff all of the important details to make your logo look great!

Note: The Size of the logo will remain the same.  It is one size and cannot be cannot be shrunk or larger.  This fee is for a standard size - 3X3 Inch logo or smaller.  We will use our best judgement on appropriate size.  

This is a sewn logo.  It is not a screen print and will only be sewn on garments and accessories. All products that are customized are non-returnable unless there are manufacturer defects on products.